Choosing the Best Metal & Stainless Steel Straws

With nearly 500 million disposable plastic straws end up in landfills every year from the United States alone, there has been a enormous market for sustainable alternatives that can be used over and over again. While stainless steel drinking straws and bamboo straws capture the majority of the spotlight in the ecofriendly straw entire globe, stainless steels straws are fast becoming a favorite alternative. Metal straws are perhaps the most durable choice on the industry in addition to being nontoxic and eco friendly. Unlike walnut, they will not degrade over time and, unlike glass straws; they shatter or will not crack with continuing usage. If you like to use a straw for the iced tea, hot coffee, or thick blended smoothies, and you would like to put money into a pair of straws that will endure for decades, stainless steel is a great alternative to your traditional plastic straw. Prepared to give metal straws a go? Read below to find our favourite stainless steel st